We try to conduct all our trips in complete understanding with our cultural, social and ecological surroundings. By this we mean that we shall move like a shadow through the waters and the landscapes. When we have left, no one shall ever see that we were there.

In an ecological an environmental context, we will do our very best to sort our rubbish, so that what can be recycled will be delivered in a proper place. To avoid using diesel, and thereby prevent polluting, we if possible will use the sails (but if there is no wind, this can of course be difficult...)

Our main dishes will basically be from fish, shellfish and game (reindeer), which means that we will support local fishermen and the saami people of the North. All our other food – naturally – has to be bought in the local stores we will pass on our way.

We will also harvest if we can, from the fish in the sea, rivers or small lakes to the berries on the plains. The harvesting is off course to be done with good conduct, and the main goal with this is to supply ourselves with food.

Our voyages are not actively guided voyages. We want our guests to be the curious, adventurous and an active part. We are only there to make you feel well. And responsible.

Aurora Borealis
Rabben 2
9800 Vadsø

Mobile phone: +47 90 54 45 61
Email: gox@gox.no

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