S/Y Goxheim's original name is “Goxheim”. The ship was built as a motor cutter in 1940 in Hatlestrand in Hardanger. The name of the boat builder was Bård Gjerde. She has never before been rigged as a sailing ship. In her time as a fishing and cargo vesselt, she had her sailing area from the Varangerfjord in the North-East to France in the south.

Between 1999 and 2002 there was performed a rather extensive reconstruction of S/Y Goxsheim. From the original vessel, only the hull and the deck remain. Shipyards and boat builders have performed most of the exterior works. The owner did the interior.

The heating of the ship is from hot water circulating in radiators and the flooring. This creates a rather pleasant climate on board. If you should be in need of more heat, it is possible to make a fire in the wooden fired stove in the lounge. And if that should not be enough – get in the sauna!

The main mast is 24,5 m above sea level, and for those of you who want to enjoy the view – get into the crows nest that is mounted 21 m above sea level…….


Hull/deck: Wooden nailed pine on pine

Length: 22,5 m/74 feet

LOA: 30 m/99 feet

Beam: 5,5 m

Draught: 2,8 m

Gross weight: 49,3 tons

Displacement: Approximately 90 tons

Mast height: 24,5 m above sea level

Sail area: Approximately 290 m2

Engine: Volvo Penta TMD 100C (250 hp)

Gear: Twin Disc

Safety: Radar, 2 VHF, 2 GPS w/ 2 PC-charts/computers, echo sounder, 1 life rafts (12 people), life jackets w/thermo suits, fire alarm, leakage alarm, manual and automatic fire extinguishing system in engine room, EPIRB, MOB boat, ++

Electric system: 24V DC, 230V AC

Heating: Hot water heating from radiators and flooring

Cabins: 4 small double (5 single and 2 double beds)

Heads: 2

Bathrooms: 1 with a shower 

Sauna: Yes


1/14: Lockers

2/13: Heads

3: Navigation/Cabin

4: Engine room

5: Galley

6: Lounge

7: Sauna/Cabin

8: Shower

9: Cabin Nordland

10: Cabin Finnmark

11: Cabin Troms

2: Cabin Varanger


Aurora Borealis
Rabben 2
9800 Vadsø

Mobile phone: +47 90 54 45 61
Email: gox@gox.no

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