The Aurora Borealis is, apart from being the Latin name of the Northern Lights, a small company doing sailing ship cruises in Northern Norway. The company was established in 1999 at the same time as the rebuilding of S/Y Goxsheim started. The first trips were made during thespring 2002 after the return from Arkhangelsk where the rigging was done. Since then we've tried to do our very best to make interesting and adventurous trips in Northern Norway, this in cooperation with agents abroad that have the same approach to this as us: No mass tourism, a touch of idealism, a lot of adventures and an experience for a lifetime. We do hope that we manage to live up to this. Aurora Borealis is the only company in Norway doing trips with a sailing ship from late February till early December.



Aurora Borealis
Rabben 2
9800 Vadsø

Mobile phone: +47 90 54 45 61

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The crew

Charles Wara

Charles Wara is the skipper on and the owner of s/y Goxsheim. Since 1999 he has spent much of the days devoted to the rebuilding and skippering of the ship. As a real Northern Norway patriot, this part of the country is his back yard, and he knows where to take you for the real experience.

Niko Aubert

Niko is a French sailor and Telemark skier. He has skippered several charters in the Mediterran, crossed the Atlantic and he has teached sailing since he was 17. Most of his Telemark skiing was performed in La Grave/France, and he is heavily involved in the Meidjo Telemark Festival in the same place. He joined us in 2014 - and he found the stay so pleasant that he deicded to come back. The combination of mountains and sea  suited him perfectly. And he is a perfect partner for the Goxsheim adventures.

Jerome Lecuna

There is only one thing to say about our 3rd French crew member, Jerome Lecuna: A hard core sailor with several solo Atlantic crossings, skippering charters in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, boat building etc. So we THINK that life on board the Goxsheim might be too boring for him. He joined us in 2016, and he insists that the stay was fantastic in an amazing part of the world. We hope he is telling the truth - and that he will sail with us for many seasons more.