The chance to see the Northern Lights in Norway is a phenomenal experience, 

not to be missed, however, when combined with anchoring in hidden coves, the King Crab catch, fishing, easy hikes and an unsurpassed horizon, holidays in Norway totally come into their own

The stunning natural light display of the Aurora Borealis has captured the imaginations of travellers and sailors down through the centuries and the Varanger area in Finnmark is maybe one of Norway’s best kept secrets as far as tourism is concerned.

Scenery is unlike anything else that you'll experience in Norway with wide open and barren landscapes balanced by undulating oceans and rolling hillsides. From the vast Varangerfjord to Varangerhalvøya National Park, this region provides an incredible array of natural highlights, against a never ending horizon, to place lovers of the natural world in their absolute element. 

Artists have long appreciated Finnmark's wide open and wild spaces where wildlife, waves and traditional Sami culture collide in an infinite series of uniquely inspirational and thought-provoking scenes. 

Sustainable King Crab fishing, which we invite you to take part in, is not only spectacular, it is also a precursor to an amazing and tasty meal. The King Crab from the Varangerfjord is being exported world wide - and it is not cheap. The amount of King Crab you will enjoy would normally cost nearly as much as your flights, especially if you ordered in a restaurant in Japan. 

If you add the historical sites, up to 10000 years old, huge, sandy beaches, sea eagles and seaside villages as well as the possibility of Atlantic salmon playing and spawning in deep pools, the Northern Lights twisting and turning overhead and maybe even whale watching - well, then you're in for a real treat, one that you'll never forget.

So - if you are looking for an exotic arctic adventure off the beaten track, do not hesitate!  

And for your information: The Northern Lights are always in the sky. To see them we need it to be dark and as few clouds as possible.

DATES 2018

  • 01 October. 6 places available
  • 08 October. 2 places available


  • Day 1:   Embarkation in Kirkenes. Weather permitting sailing to Grense Jakobselv/Russian border. Anchorage and Northern Lights watch.
  • Day 2:   Sailing to the next anchorage. Afternoon hike. Anchorage and Northern Lights watch.
  • Day 3:   Sailing to Varangerbotn. Visit to the Varanger Sami museum (the Sami are the indigenous people of Norway) in Varangerbotn. Sailing to Vadsø. Docking by our pontoon. Late evening hike and Northern Lights watch.
  • Day 4:   King Crab safari and fishing with the museum vessel M/K Kjartan of Vadsø. We prepare the catch on the Goxsheim.
  • Day 5:   Day trip by bus to Hamningberg, Vardø (visit to the Vardøhus fortress, Steilneset Memorial raised in memory of those persecuted in the seventeenth-century Finnmark Witchcraft Trials), coastal villages and more. Arctic lunch in Vardø. We end the day at our cottage in Skallev with steaming hot reindeer stew served in our lavvu (sami tent). Northern Lights watch. Return to Vadsø and Goxsheim.
  • Day 6:   Disembarkation 

PRICE NOK 10.900,-.

Price includes overnight stay on board Goxsheim in double cabins with bunk beds, all meals, all activities and excursions, tickets for museums, insurance valid when on board, fuel etc.

Price does not include flights, transfers between airport and boat, alcohol, snacks.


Aurora Borealis
Rabben 2
9800 Vadsø

Mobile phone: +47 90 54 45 61

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