the northern lights have been in the sky above these waters since the beginning of time. The whales have probably been around for a while as well.

But it's maybe a very long time since they have been as easy to spot as now - probably one of the best whale spotting sites in the world?

Dates 2017:

  • October 28th - November 1st. Full
  • November 4th - November 8th. Full
  • November 11th - November 15th. Full
  • November 18th - November 22nd. Full
  • November 25th - November 29th. Full
  • December 2nd - December 6th. Full

Day by day itinerary:

  • Day 1: Arrival in Tromsø. Embarkation after 12 pm. We leave Tromsø for the anchorage at Kvaløyvågen
  • Day 2: Sailing towards Kaldfjorden. Whalespoting and anchoring.
  • Day 3: Searching for whales in the fjords at Kvaløya. Anchoring where the whales might be.
  • Day 4: Same as day 3. If possibillities for Northern Lights - night stop at Kvaløyvågen. Othervise return to Tromsø in the evening
  • Day 5: If night stop outside Tromsø - return to Tromsø. Disembarkation before 12 pm.

Price: NOK 8.900,-..

The price includes full board (big breakfast, big lunch, 2 course dinner, non alcoholic beverages) and lodging (fully prepared small double/twin cabins, towels etc), all activities, harbour fees, diesel etc. All you need to bring along is suitable clothing and personal toilette requisites. Flights, transfers and alcohol are not included.

And if you have not decided yet - check this video by Charles Gearing filmed during one of our trips in November 2015:



Aurora Borealis
Rabben 2
9800 Vadsø

Mobile phone: +47 90 54 45 61

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